Electronic Data Management System

We have adequate systems and high end scanners to perform conversion of data from “Print to Digital mode”. We are doing same for several government and official projects. We are offering following services to our clients

  1. Data entry from documents/books
  2. Data entry/correction from image file in desired format
  3. Data entry of inputs related to HR / Pay Roll / Purchase / Sales / Bills / Invoices / Inventory / Library / cash inflow & cash out flow etc. in tailor made software as per the requirement of customers
  4. Data conversion
  5. Data analysis
  6. Scanning of documents / drawings / files (sizes from A0 to A4)
  7. Cleaning of documents / drawing / files after scanning and editing
  8. Printing of documents / drawings / files (sizes A0-A4)
  9. Digitization and editing of drawings / documents / files in AutoCAD platform (sizes A0-A4).


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